A #BambooExperience: Maine, 1 Month Later

It’s been a month and I am happy with the progress of these ‘Rufa’ so far. I was worried they wouldn’t stick. Then I was worried because one of them looked like it had a lot of dry sticks where … Read More

A #BambooExperience: Mid Coast Maine

One of our customers acquired 2 Fargesia dracocephala ‘Rufa’ plants to grow in her garden in Maine. She is going to let us follow her progress with this hardy specimen. The location is in the Mid-Coast region in Zone 5A … Read More

Best Practice for Watering Bamboo

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The amount of water a plant needs varies based on it’s species, climate, and eco-system. Even what works on one side of your town, may not work on the other side of town or even the other side of your … Read More

Bamboos and Grasses

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New England Bamboo Company is a nursery of quality and locally grown bamboo and grasses. Because they are grown in New England, our plants are able to withstand the rigors of winter in the Northeast with the proper care. Our … Read More

Bamboo Removal Service

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Have you decided to make a landscaping change that no longer includes bamboo? We can help with that. We also provide bamboo removal services. Contact us to get a quote or schedule a service. or email or call us directly … Read More